CZ75 Pre "B" hit to low

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    I have a technical question.
    I mentioned a few tiimes already, that I have a slight problem with my CZ75 pre "B".

    It shoots to low.
    Here fresh up on the issue:
    My CZ75 is a 1986 Pre "B" sold to a security company here in germany. I bought it for 80,- Euros from my gun.. The psitol was hardly shot and only lied in the vault for several years.

    What I have noticed is, that the front sight has been changed by somebody. This is visible, because a) the angle of the front sight is different to the usual and b) the paint job around the font sight has been renewed after it was changed. The rear sight was the original fixed sight.

    Now at the range I noticed, that the rounds hit the target much to low. This means, I need to ain approx 30cm above the target center, to hit the center of the target halfway.
    We first expected the problem to be myself, but a friend of mine, a gunsmith, tried shooting the pistol, with the same result. The distance we shot at was 25 meters.
    We then noticed, that the front sight wasn`t at the original hight. It was filed down below the normal hight of 3.2mm.

    Now this is really confusing, because when the fron sight is lowered and you use the original rear sight, the rounds should be coming in to high, but not to low, since the muzzle needs to be raised.
    So we filed the fron sight down a bit more, to approx. 2.89mm. But that still is not enough.
    So I made my ouwn new rear sight out an old adjustable LPA sight. (In oroginal the LPA was far to hight, even in the lowest setting).
    Now the rounds are o.k. in hight.

    But, this issue is worrying me a bit.
    Is there any known technical issue, or would anybody have an idea, what the technical cause can be, that the rounds come in so low?

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    I don't have a pre model, but have or have had two 75B's and a 75B compact. I can't imagine any kind of issue with the weapon other than the relationship of the front sight to rear sight that would make it shoot low, aside from your sight picture. If your friend had the same problem shooting low then I could discount the sight picture problem.

    Anything bored or assembled at the wrong angle causing rounds to impact low would most likely cause function issues to the extent that you'd never get the chance to notice the rounds on the target.

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    thank`s for your answer.
    Taking the standard fixed sights. Front sight has a hight of 3,2mm. The rearsight has a unmounted hight of 7,9mm.
    The hight from the bottom of the slide to the bottom of the dovetail for the rear sight is approx. 1,68cm. That would make an approx. total hight of
    2,47cm from the bottom of the slide to the top of the rear sight. My front sight is now approx. 2,65 mm high. Top of the sight to the top of the slide. So normally, when I ave a to low front sight, I have to raise the muzzle up to align my sight and the rounds would come in to high. But I hav eit the other way round.

    I have a front sight, that is 0.55mm lower that it should be. I addition to that, I have a rear sight measuring a total hight of 2,64cm, measured from the bottom of the slide to the top of the rear sight blade. That is a difference of approx. 1.6mm between the original fixed sight and may self made one, plus the diffence of the front sight being lower than it should.

    So there is a massive difference in ther some where, and that makes me curious and a bit worried. But I do share your oppinion, that if there was a thechnical defect or something no tput together correctly, I either wouldn`t be able to shoot the cz75 at all, or the bullets wouldn`t even hit the target at all.
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