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    Hi I just purchased a CZ52 9mm luger and need some general info about it. I have noticed a few things and have a few questions. In need of understanding.:eek:
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    CZ52 is one of my favorites.:)
    In 7.62x25 Tokarev,rather than 9x19 tho.

    First,dont dryfire it.


    The original pins are not properly heat treated and they will break if you do.
    One thing most people do is change out that pin for a newly made,properly heat treated one.

    Also,the de-cockers.Don't use them.They have been reported to cause the weapon to fire when activated,almost like having a second trigger.:eek:

    The best method,if you intend on using your CZ52 for anything but a range gun,in other words if you intend on keeping it ready to be used in your home,is to keep the chamber EMPTY and the magazine full.
    Some people say its ok to have it cocked and locked.
    Personally I'd rather err on the side of caution.

    Heres a little bit of info on the 52-

    Modern Firearms - CZ-52 / vz.52 pistol

    For replacement parts,including the pin-

    Harrington Products CZ-52 Competition and Replacement Parts

    Some people also like to use Houge Handall grip sleeves to help make the ergonomics a little better.

    Or,you can get some really nice wooden grips from here-


    I believe the 9x19 version also uses the same magazines as the Tokarev chambered ones do,so heres a link for some magazines-

    Alot of people also customize their CZ52s with new springs from Wolff.Their website is here-
    Springs for CZ 52 Semi-Auto Pistols

    I use Xtra power springs in all of my magazines and a 16.5lb recoil spring.

    As far as further customization goes,you can always get a can of alumahyde or something in whatever color you want and go to town,there are or were some places you could send your slide to that would dovetail and install better sights,or you can use a hobby file and some paint to both open up and color your sights so you can get a better picture than the original setup allows for.

    Personally,and this is just me-I would get a 7.62x25 barrel and change that caliber back to Tokarev....but thats just me.....

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.:)
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