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    I just finished looking at a CZ 12ga o/u. With turkish walnut stock, the exact spelling of the species I know I'll get wrong it starts with a C. Anyway it has an adjustable comb. The grip is full in my hand. The fit and finish has me sold but does anyone have a cz o/u. How do they stack up against the B's and the higher end like perazzi and guerrini?
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    There is a new guy in introductions
    WATKIMA. He listed a cz mallard in his post. Might pm the newbie.

    What reviews I've read say they are solid guns, much like all cz products I'm familar with. Good luck.

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    ive got a cz ringneck side by side 12ga. i LOVE it. im not a shotgun guy and i really like it. its rare for a sub 5000$ side by side to have both barrels in tune with each other. most often pattern looks like a figure 8 at best or worse looks like a walleyed liberal.

    mine patterns with both barrels in sync you cant tell where one shotpattern starts and the other barrel starts.

    its also an issue with over unders but not to such an extreme which is why there are a LOT more OU than SxS that pattern well.

    cz does not make shotguns they are all mad by huglu which is a firearms firm in turkey known for making really good cheap priced shotguns. cz isnt the only one that stamps their name on huglu guns several other big makers do it too.

    i settled on cz because for the price of one decent winchester model 21 (~10,000$) i would be scared to take on a hunting trip, i can wear out 9-10 ringnecks.