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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by FCross7, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. FCross7

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    I just turned 21, and bought my first pistol from a buddy at work. It's a Compact XD 45. It came with two 10 round mags, two 13 round mags and a pancake holster for $480. I'm happy with that, but with ammo prices being what they are, and me just getting into pistols, I wanna get something that I can shoot a lot more often, so I'm looking to pick up a 9mm as well.

    Ive got it narrowed down to two guns, and no matter which I decide, I will likely get the other as well a few months down the road. The pistol will be mostly a range lizard/house defense gun. The two I'm trying to decide between are the XDm9, and the CZ SP-01.

    I've talked to many people, and everyone has said both are great guns. I've held the XD, and it felt nice in the hand, but unfortunately no one around here carries the SP-01, and I don't know anyone that has one, so I can't go anywhere to hold it. I realize they are very different, with one being DAO and poly, the other being SA/DA and all metal, but I like both and will get both, but can only afford one for the time being. If you were in my shoes, which would you get and why?

    Thanks for any and all info.

  2. robocop10mm

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    Get the XD-9. You already have the .45 so the little brother can be a great training tool. They will operate the same, point the same, etc. Manual of arms will be the same. Training with one type of gun and carrying another just does not make sense to me.

  3. sweeper22

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    I own a CZ 75b, and it's my favorite pistol to shoot. I don't have any poly guns at this point, but the next gun I buy may very well come from the XD lineup. So needless to say, I have a pretty high opinion of both.

    If you're likely to buy both down the line, I think the best move is to just keep your eyes peeled for a great deal. Some of the best deals often arise when you keep your money in your pocket and your head on a swivel...and then an opportunity emerges...especially when you've got multiple options.
  4. jeepcreep927

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    From a strictly what do I like better point of view, I'd say get the CZ. I have both a CZ (75 not SP, ergonomics are the same) and an XDM. I like the XDM a lot but the CZ is my favorite handgun ever, bar none.

    From a logical standpoint, I'd agree with Robo. Unless you want to shoot and train twice as much to establish muscle memory and mechanical movement with two pistols, go with the XD-9.

    Or better yet, take your own advice and get both.
    Good luck.
  5. KalashnikovJosh

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    Only reason I can think of to spend the money on another pistol with a different caliber rather than a lot of ammo for the one you got is because youve been bit by the gun bug.:D

    Welcome to the sweetest affliction on earth.;)
  6. stalkingbear

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    If I was in your shoes I'd either start reloading for the .45 (which I do), or if you have to get another firearm in 9mm I'd go for the XDm in 9mm.
  7. danf_fl

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    There is something about having multiple handguns with the same layout. I think it could have something to do with "muscle memory".
    +1 on bear's suggestion to get the XDm
  8. FCross7

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    Thanks for all the posts everyone, I really appreciate the advice. I was leaning slightly towards the XD as it was, so everyone's advice pretty much settles it. While I'm gonna get the XD first, more than likely I'll still get the CZ eventually, because as Josh mentioned, I've got the bug.

    Once again, thanks to everyone for the advice.

  9. ScottA

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    I like the XD, like the XDm better. That said, I'd get whichever feels best in my hand. Now if you can't get your hands on the CZ, just get the XD and you can lust over another gun later. Heck, you'll be lusting over guns for the rest of your life. ;)
  10. Leg_McMuffin

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    i just check out cz today. if i were you thats what i would be getting
  11. JSon

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    I guarantee if you get the CZ, you will suddenly find that you are an excellent shot! and the bug may be quenched for many moons (unless you shoot a friends High Power!)