CZ SP01 Phantom - Decocker Falls Out

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    Ok guys,

    Just recently got a new to me CZ 75 SP01 Phantom. I love it. Feels great. shoots great and accurately.

    However, this strange issue the other day I take it out for its first range session and on 1st or 2nd shot the decocker backs out enough to where it doesn't function. It doesn't affect the firing of the gun, just decocker is useless. It cannot be pushed back in.

    At that point I Have to remove the slide and depress a small piece that the decocker sits on, for it to push back in and be flush against the frame.

    I haven't shot it again, but I can barely push on the decocker from the right side to pop it out enough not to catch on the piece it's suppose to sit on to function.

    Any ideas, help, comments or snide remarks would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. oli700

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    I have been inside and out of CZ decocker system. The sear return spring leg is what holds the decocker lever in place. If the decocker is not working it needs to be taken apart and reassembled correctly. Assembled correctly it cannot back out.


    Have you been in the gun?
    This is the sear cage on a SP-01 tactical. The hole at 6 o’clock is where the decocker lever goes in. It slides through the sear cage, at 9 o’clock you can see a slot on the sear cage. In that slot is the spring leg for the spring that returns the sear. This spring leg needs to be lifted up in the slot and the decocker shaft pushed past , let off of the spring and keep pushing the decocker. The sping leg will fall in a groove cut in the decocker shaft, you will hear a snap.

  3. Sooie

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I will get pics ASAP. I have not been inside the gun with punches and tools but have taken the slide off and that's the only way I can replace the decocker once it gets dislocated.

    I have followed those instructions and am aware Of the spring leg that holds it in place and having to lift it to lock into place.

    I can install the decocker correctly as you described. The problem is, it doesn't take much to push it out of place to not able I engage. And I found out by shooting it, when it slid out of place. And just handling the weapon, it doesn't take much pull out push out of place.

    Do you think maybe the spring is weakend and can't hold the pin in place properly?

    There's zero info out there on this, aside from calling cz shop, which theyll probly want it sent in.

    Appreciate all the info.
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    I just hate it when my decocker falls out.
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    I have the all steel version of your gun. You don't need no stinking decocker....if you have a thumb and index finger. Just thumb the hammer down. Actually just wanted to keep subscribed on this thread, see how things turnout for you.