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    This is my first post (I think, I've been creeping around for a while now). I am a shotgun and black powder shooter. Don't know much about modern rifles, but I have several and have been occasionally shooting them for almost 50 years. I want an accurate 22LR rifle. I have pretty much decided to buy a CZ 452. Probably the 16" American, or possibly the 452 or 453 Varmint, then have the Varmint cut down to 18" and threaded for a suppressor. I will use the rifle mostly to poke holes in paper (in my back yard, just for fun), but to hunt rabbits in my pasture also. Whatever rifle I buy, I will shoot several hundred rounds through it first, then, if the accuracy doesn't give me confidence I can hit a rabbit's head at 50 yards, I will have it pillar bedded, the trigger worked on, or whatever is necessary. The scopes I am considering are the Alpen Apex 1.5-6 with side parallax knob, or the Vortex Diamondback 2-7 Rimfire. The reason for this post is that I have read some conflicting posts that have me a bit confused. Such as, one said the Varmint is harder to glass bed than the conventional 452's, another doesn't like the set trigger of the 453. I would really appreciate any input you guys can give me on any of the above, including whether I should consider another rifle and not the CZs. Also, I intend to make a luggage case for the rifle and accessories. Would someone please measure their 452's maximum thickness (from the left side of the stock to the top of the bolt knob)? I might as well get started on the case while I'm pondering which rifle and scope to buy, and there are no dealers around here who stock CZs. Thanks, Tim in South Texas.
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    Hi Tim and welcome!

    I have the 452 Varmint with a 16" threaded barrel and a supressor. It´s a very good little gun and I don't think there´s a need to bed the action to be able to get headshots at 50 yrds. The only thing I´ve changed on my rifle is a yodave trigger kit (15$ on ebay) and if I´m doing my part the gun will shoot under 0.3" groups (5 shots) at 50yrds.

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    I have a 452 American with the standard barrel. It will shoot under and inch at 50 yds with mini mags. Tighter with target which I usually dont mess with. Hates CB Caps.
    Just remembered that Savage has a new 22 bolt rifle with a 16" threaded barrel with accutrigger. The Savage rifles are pretty accurate.
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    I don't have the .22 452, but rather its little brother .17HMR. It accounted for this little bastard at about 125yrds.

    The 'Micro-Mauser' action of the 452 is IMO a lot smoother and surer than its centrefire cousins, and accuracy is superb. I don't have the rifle with me at the moment, although maximum width would have to be no more than 2.5 inches with the bolt closed. A safer and easier transport option though would be to cut a foam insert from the case underneath the barrel and simply travel with the bolt removed. The single stage trigger is definitely crisp and light enough for rabbits and plinking, however target work may require a replacement.

    Be sure to fire your rifle before you bed it or replace the trigger though, these alterations may be superfluous to your accuracy requirements; see above photo.

    Whatever rifle you choose, I'm sure you'll be more than happy with it, just buy plenty of ammo and shoot it often! :D

    .17 HMR CZ 452 Varmint Nickel - Top rifle
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    My CZ 452 is the 25” barreled version with the Euro hump back stock. When I tested mine with RWS Subsonic HP ammo, it shot into about 1 1/8” at 100 yds. I can live with that. The trigger wasn’t as good as I wanted, so I took it apart and smoothed it. Now it is terrific. I’m not sure there is any significant difference in accuracy among the different models. Pick whichever one you like.

    That said, the CZ is not the only choice for an accurate .22. Another nice option, if you feel you are at all mechanically inclined, is a home built Ruger 10/22. I got a 10/22 from Walmart and by the time I was done, the only original Ruger part was the receiver. Green Mountain barrel, CPC modified bolt, Kidd trigger, Hogue stock, Weaver scope. Not cheap, but it sure is a lot of fun and it is at least as accurate as my 452.
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    Why cut the barrel down and add a suppressor? Supressors reduce velocity. Just use subsonics and leave it as is.
    CZ makes a fine rifle. I have a 527 in .223 (CIP chamber) that is outstanding. I love the trigger, although the single set does take some getting use to.