CZ handgun owners help!!!

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by exitwound, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. exitwound

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    Does anyone know if its ok to shoot lead reloads through a CZ P-06? I don't know if the barrel is polygonal rifled or not. If it is then lead shouldn't be shot through it.
    Thank ahead of time for any and all help!!!

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  2. russ

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    Just looked at the barrel on my 75B and it is traditional rifling. You should check to be sure, but I would bet if one CZ pistol is traditional rifling then they all are.

  3. danf_fl

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    Do you have a user's manual? Is the gun still under warranty? Are you the original owner?

    Do you know the difference between polygonal and typical?

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  4. JonM

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    typically you want to avoid soft lead in fast bullets. ones that exceed roughly 1000fps because of leading issues unless your using hardcast bullets like are used in magnum revolvers. most leading issues come from home bullet makers using scrap lead of unknown makeup. if you use known lead and mix it in the right way to make an alloy for the type of gun your going to use it in, lead works just as well as copper jacketed even at speeds exceeding 2000fps.

    anyway you can shoot lead out of a polygon rifled barrel just inspect it frequently for leading issues clean as needed. no different than shooting lead out of a regular rifled barrel. anything that you use nonjacketed lead including shotguns should be inspected frequently during the shooting session. most kabooms involving lead are the direct result of operator head-space timing issues.
  5. tekarra

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    I believe the only cZ with a polygonal bore is either the 82 or 83. I shoot a lot of lead reloads in my cZ 75s, but they are mild and have not had leading problems. As JonM stated, keep the velocity of lead bullets under 1000 fps. When I step it up, I use jacketed bullets.