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    So I went to Gander Mnt the otherday to go get some ammo and made the mistake of going over to the gun counter. I was kinda looking for a CZ-75 or 85 but saw the little CZ-83. (way overpriced) I have been thinkin about getting a .380 like a LCP but this felt a whole lot better in my hand. It is of course larger. I know the 75-85 family are great guns but I had never even herd of the 83 till a few weeks ago. Are they any good? I might be lookin for a new gun around tax return time and am planing ahead.
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    never seen anything negative about them other than it being a 380. lots of folks dont like the round. but im not one

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    The CZ 83/82 are great little guns. Find a 82 in good shape, they are the military version, shoots 9x18mm. The 82 is the same gun without the southpaw safety but better priced. Just a note, the 82 has a polygonal rifled chrome lined barrel. I have a CZ-75B and CZ-82, I can CC the 75 but carry the 82 most of the time now days. CZ makes the best of guns, IMO.
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    I bought an excellent internal-condition milsurp CZ82 that had quite bad cosmetics on the banner areas of the slide (for $180). I carefully took the black coating off the main flat sides with various grades of abrasive paper, bought a new set of grips from the CZ store on their main site (@$65 w/shipping) and carefully dremeled them to fit (...well, only one side required it)... and this pic shows the outcome. It's a really great shooter (mine is 9mm Makarov 9x18)... Worth much more to me than the $245 I put into it. Though on the heavy side, it fits my hand perfectly and is 100% reliable... One of my very favorite guns.
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    I have a stainless CZ 75 and a CZ RAMI 2075 in 9mm. Just bought a surplus CZ 82 9x18 from Wideners. It's a very nice shooter. Great accuracy. Now I'm drooling over a surplus CZ 52.....