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CZ 75B vs 75 Compact Question

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I've been thinking about getting my father a CZ 75 for fathers day. He's kinda small so I was wondering if I should get him the fullsize or compact. Other than the slide and barrel lengths how does the frame size compare? I know the compact holds 2 less rounds, but how much smaller is the grip itself?
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Wish I had a daughter like you...the grip diameter on the CZ75B and Compact are pretty much the same. The diameter can be tuned, as it were, by the thickness and type of grips installed.

Just to throw something else into your considerations, there is a CZ75 SemiCompact out there lurking in the weeds. It is a parts-bin concoction of the full-size frame and the compact slide. The auction sites ( may have one or two listed from time to time.
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