CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical - Light review

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    If you have ever had the opportunity to shoot one of these, I will be preaching to the choir. This has to be one of the finest shooting 9mm handguns made. I can say this in all honesty because of two reasons:

    I have shot a bucketload of 9mm in testing at my local range. As a member, I can try a variety of popular guns they have for rent (I can try as many as I want for $15 a session if I try 4 in one session, its only 15 dollars, not 60)

    Second, it was so good, I searched the web for this almost unobtainable gun for a week before finally getting one. Every site, page after page, out of stock.

    What makes this gun so special ?
    The CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical is a special model that differs from the 75b, etc. with a few options. First, it has a half cock decocker, not a safety that moves the hammer into a ready position - lighter than double action, heavier than single action.

    The sights are green glowing TruGlo night sights. Very good on this gun for target acquisition. The grips are textured rubber instead of plastic and it comes with an accessory rail. Things not found on the non-tactical models.

    The gun itself is a heavy steel gun with a feel and heft like a .45 1911. This is important because the heft really helps with keeping recoil extremely low. so low that it feels somewhere between a .22 and a .380 As such, shooting accuracy is almost cheating as it is easy to shoot bulls at 21ft, 30ft, all the way to 45 ft. as if you have been shooting for years and years.

    If you can't shoot this handgun accurately then you can't shoot any because this makes it very easy.

    Some specificationsThe CZ has a 18+1 ammo capacity and the mags are coated metal with a plastic base plate.

    The barrel is 4.6" long which also helps the accuracy.

    As mentioned, it is heavy at 2.4 lbs, heavier fully loaded. The heft is nice though if you have really small hands, it may feel like too much.

    The trigger
    This is a dream trigger in a 9mm. The double action has a solid feel all the way back to fire and single action is short travel, clean hammer fired click and reset is amazing. If it was not for the very low recoil, you would think you are shooting a high end 1911

    The recoil spring
    Again, CZ went all out and gave it a spring that is like an advanced spring kit. It is so solid, racking the slide is pretty heavy - this is no two finger pull, you have to grip and push back - and yet again, all to make recoil as low as possible.

    I own this for less than a month now and have at least 400 rounds through it. Not one single FTF, no light strikes. It has operated flawlessly since day one. And it eats any ammo I throw at it (cant tell you about steel cased as I wont use it)

    Pictures !!!