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    CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM 9mm 2 x 18 round magazines, lock, brush, and bore stick.

    This is my first CZ. I have Glocks, Sigs, Kel-tec, and a few curios to compare against. The $451.00 price at Bud's was hard to pass up.

    Out of the box it is a fine looking gun, with controls easy to operate. The initial slide removal was difficult because the retaining pin was stiff from being new. The slide on it is inverted from what Glock or Sig use. The rails run inside of the lower instead of on the outside. The benefit is to lower the barrel in the gun, and it appears to work. What does not work is the trigger. I expect that after a 1000 rounds it will break-in and be as smooth as my Sig, but out of the box it is not very smooth or predictable. After a 100 rounds it did begin to improve. Glock appears to have figured out how to manufacture a trigger that is good, out of the box.

    I posted a target for break-in and ran a 100 box of Winchester white box 9mm through it. I tried a variety of trigger pulling methods, and a quick pull resulted in the best grouping. there were groups at each of the places that the trigger hung during the pull. A hundred rounds helped me see the pattern, as I shot it. No, there was not a ragged hole in the center.

    The odd thing about it, is it really begins to grow on you. My Sig must be a better gun I thought, it cost twice as much. But it too was a little rough out of the box when new. The CZ trigger is inconsistent in feedback through the pull and varies from pull to pull.

    When I posted my second target a Shoot-n-c 5 diamond, my accuracy improved. Shooting at 7 yards, I put 5 rounds into one of the smaller 2 inch diamonds. Next I opened a box of the 9mm Luger Fiocchi Extrema 115 Grain Hornady XTP Jacketed Hollow Point. My groupings were much better, but I still got an occasional flyer.

    I'm sure that there are much better marksman than I am on here. But I was happy with the results for the day. My Sig P229 that was worked over by the Sig gunsmiths, I can shoot it more accurately. However there is potential here that I have not seen in many other handguns. I like what I experienced at the range. If I could get a smoother trigger, I may change my mind on which gun is more accurate.

    Acquiring the target was natural, and the hand position for my extra large hands was comfortable. A second backstrap is included with an allen wrench for installation.

    There were no feeding problems with any ammo used. CZ may have a real jewel in the rough here. If I can find someone to tune the trigger a little bit, this may become a masterpiece.

    4 out of 5 stars
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    Nice report and very well written.

    Epic fail in the picture department, though. They are so little I can't tell what they all show. Can you post them bigger?

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    2nd Opinion

    Sorry about the lack of pics. I will get good ones next time. There are better pictures and much better reviews available online. I was just trying to interject my personal feedback to give you another data point in a purchase decision.

    My opinions on the Phantom have began to crystallize. Something that I did not really pay attention to on the initial cleaning before shooting. The CZ is a beast. It is not a frilly, perfectly machined, Swiss timepiece. Instead it is a weapon that is made to be used, dare I say abused. The part tolerances are very tight, but the finish is rough, not finely machined. The gun was made to broken in over a period of years. With continual use, it appears though the parts will begin to fit, like no other machined parts were made. The parts will wear into each other, and provide a fit that makes them less interchangeable, but not necessarily more poorly made.

    This really appeals to me in a way that my perfectly machined and fitted Sig does not. It begs to be shot. Because you know the more that you shoot it, the better it will get! Where I have been too afraid to wear out my expensive firearms, this inexpensive addition is just begging to be flogged some more.

    I say you should Czech it out!

    Here is a much better review than mine, but it is looooong.

    [ame=""]NutFancy SP-01 long term review[/ame]
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    I've been good this year, maybe Santa should get me one, this tool is :