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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by kdog, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Hi guys,

    came back from the range today. Was a good and a bad day there.

    A friend of mine came along and also took his CZ75 along. The same one I have bought at the same gunsmith.
    Both are the older version (not B).

    I have been wondering howcome my shots all come in to low. Well I found out today in direct comparisson whith my friends CZ75.

    The front sight on my pistol filed down a bit. Enough that the LPA rear sight I had monted didn`t match up and also enough that I have to aim very high to get the round into the center of the target.

    Has anaybody here changed the front sight on a CZ75 not B version?
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    If it's shooting too low, and your gun is NOT equipped with nitesites or other dot installed, it's VERY easy to file the front site down more to adjust point of impact to point of aim. I ran into this problem recently with an Taurus PT1911. Again-if it's hitting LOW-file front site DOWN. You move rear site the way you want impact to go, and front site opposite direction of the way you want to go. Assuming you have plenty of front site blade left, it shouldn't be a problem. The problem is the rear site you installed is very slightly lower than the original site.

  3. kdog

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    A friend of mine, who is a gunsmith helped me out yesterday on this.
    It took a while, before we figured out what was wrong.

    We have the suspicion, that the previous owner, a security company, worked on the sights to make them work better for close distance shooting.
    When the pistol was turned back in to the company by the user, they must have changed the sight in some way.
    Then of course the sights didn`t match anymore, for some reason.

    So yesterday we took a bore sight laser and aimed at a normal ring target.
    Holding dead center, the laser came in between two and three rings low.

    So we did just what you said.
    Lowered the front sight even more until it matched up dead center.
    I will see next week at the range, if it is fine now, or not.

    In addition we blued the front and rear sight so prevent reflection and corrosion.

    This did kind of make me a bit mad, since we tried mounting a LPA rear sight, that should be compatible with the original front sight, but just didn`t work out.

    In original the front sight is in average 3,2 milimeteres high. Mine was at 2,89 or so.

    We will see next week, how it works now.

    The rear sight installed, is the original one, when I got it from the gunsmith, but that dosn`t mean it is the original one it was shipped with.
  4. kdog

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    o.k. I was at the range yesterday.

    Now she hits dead on on bullseye.

    Now I can work on my own mistakes.