CZ 75 B in .40 anyone ???

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Glockmaniac, May 29, 2009.

  1. Glockmaniac

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    hello all at firearmstalk.

    i'm on my way to add another .40 caliber to my small collection.

    i already own a G22 and a SP01 shadow, but want a '''steel'' pistol this time.

    i love my shadow and i'm considering the CZ 75 B in .40...

    is there some folks with extended experience with that pistol???

    i'd like to be Q'ed about any possible reccurent flaw with that gun...

    ...also, is this model handle the .40 caliber welll?? weight balance and stuff??

    anything you guys(girls) might thing is a valuable info worth to be said is valuable info to me!!!

    thanks all for sharing your knowledge.
  2. chucksolo69

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    Yes, I have a CZ 75B in .40 S&W and I find it to be an accurate, comfortable gun to shoot. I haven't really found any flaws with the gun other than the grip is a bit wider than my SA GI 1911. However, after holding my SIG 2022, the CZ feels downright slim. The only problems I have encountered were the occassional stove pipe jam with reloaded ammo bought at my local range. I have never had a problem when using factory ammo. I currently have about 2500 rounds through the gun. The sights are well seen but the gun would probably benefit from some tritium or fiber optic sights. I like the idea of being able to carry the gun "cocked and locked" as well as having a second strike capability. The gun is easily broken down for cleaning and breaks down into 4 basic components; frame, barrel, slide, guiderod/spring. It is also very easy to reassemble. The downside to the gun is that it is quite heavy and I would not want to carry the thing on my hip all day long. In my opinion, the CZ 75B is an excellent gun and right on par with my Colt MK IV Series 70 .45 auto or my Springfield Armory GI .45.

  3. S&WMP45C

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    i have had this gun for about 5 years know, great gun! never jams, extremely accurate and very well balanced. the most accurate 40 cal i've shot
  4. Mark F

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    I have a CZ75B .40 S&W. It's a magnificent autoloader. It's very accurate and easy to maintain. The only change I made was to install Hogue Grips.

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  5. Wheeler

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    Absolutely flawless. I've had different CZs over the years and enjoyed them all. My .40 is a tack driver, very similar to my Kimber .45. Grips are wider but more ergonomic. My hands are good sized but my fingers are short. I have less problem handling the CZ than I did the Beretta 92 in the Marine Corps. It handles similarly to the .45 as well. The cocked and locked is similar to the .45 and the second chance DA is extremely practical.

    I like the solid feel of a steel weapon. My only dislike was my two new magazines. They were quite tight until they were broken in. I'd have prefered stainless magazines like my Kimber's Shooting Stars.

    Enjoy!! You can't do much better and you COULD do a whole bunch worse.