CZ 550 Safety Malfunction

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by TM3TenraiSS, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. TM3TenraiSS

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    So something unexpected happened to me at the range yesterday, I was shooting my CZ 550 and I had just loaded it put the bolt forward and down and the safety was on as I lined up my scope I went to flick the safety off with my thumb and on release of the safety the rifle fired without anything on the trigger. No injuries other than the safety taking some skin off my thumb from the recoil , but a failure like that has me a bit shaken. Someone lightened the trigger tension on it (this was done before I owned it so I don't know how or anything like that). Has anyone had something similar occur? I'm going to take it to a gunsmith this weekend to get it looked at I tried recreating the failure (with the gun empty of course) and it wouldn't do it again (I tried about 50 times). Any advice or anything that might save me a pricey trip to a gunsmiths?
  2. Txhillbilly

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    If you are familiar/have knowledge with adjusting an adjustable trigger on a rifle,then you could do it yourself.
    If you do not,be on the safe side,and let a professional safely adjust your trigger.

  3. JonM

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    Previous owner has adjusted the trigger to far past its lower limit. Just increase the trigger pull a few ounces and you will be fine.

    Most cz 5xx have user adjustable triggers. I pretty much concur with txhillbilly he nailed.
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    This is an old story with CZ rifles. - If somebody adjusts the trigger too light, it will either fail to cock ( firing pin not held back by the sear in the first place ) or it will act as the gentleman described, where you cock it with the safety on, and it fires upon releasing the safety.

    A lot of shooters do not want to use the set trigger function, and try to adjust the regular, unset trigger down. This is where they run into this problem.

    I know because it happened to me with a 527 Varmint, and showed up when I tried to test the trigger by dry-firing... I un-adjusted the trigger again, and all was well.

    With the gun empty but cocked with the safety off, give the butt a few good bumps on something to see if you can jar the sear engagement loose. - You don't want it to be so sensitive that falling over or being jarred will make it fire.