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    I just purchased a new CZ 452 military trainer.

    The fit and finish seems superb. The only issue I have is locating .22lr ammo !!! I've been trying to hunt down ammo and naturally I haven't been successful.

    I came across some Winchester bulk pack with lead tips. I just wanted the forums advice on lead point ammo. Will it cause damage to the barrel?

    Any thoughts is as always appreciated.

    Btw... Any recommendations for a scope?


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    If you live near some big sporting goods stores you stand a chance. Cabelas and Basspro are advertising in store sales. There will most likely be limits. If you order on line you could check here. You will notice the gougers have ammo in stock so avoid them. Dont feed the animals. I consider anything over 5 cents a round gouging.

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    Almost all 22LR ammo uses lead bullets. Some is plain lubricated lead and some coat the lead with a thin copper wash, but neither type will damage the barrel.
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    Ara, good choice on the trainer. You can't go wrong with a CZ. I got a left hand 452 .22 l.r. American last spring, my third CZ. I put a Vortex Diamondback 4-12 AO with "dead hold BDC" on it, mounted with Talley rings. I routinely shoot small targets ( ground squirrels) out to 130 -140 yards, someone that shoots closer could get away with a 3-9x or even a 2-7x. I would not buy a rimfire scope again without an adjustable objective. There are good ones from Leupold, Nikon, Weaver, Vortex. On my CZ Scout I got a few years ago, I put a Redfield Revolution 2-7x on it, no AO, so I reset the parallax from 100 down to 65 yards, but some shots would be at 20 yards some at 110 yards. Not so much error from parallax that's noticeable as much as the target will be out of focus for me without an AO, especially at closer ranges. With the Vortex BDC on the left hand American, the crosshair is sighted at 50 yards with CCI Mini-Mags. The next line down is 75, next 100, the last mark on the BDC puts me on at 125. If I hold at the top of the thick post further down, it's zeroed at 140. I usually have a range finder when varmint hunting, I don't often miss knowing these hold overs. The Redfield on the Scout is zeroed at 60 yards, the bottom of the big circle is 80 yards and the dot below the circle puts me on at 110 yards. And the light, 16" barreled Scout is just as accurate as the bigger deluxe 452. 10 shot groups at 25 yards and 50 yards with the Scout and Federal Auto Match.

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    Lead bullets will not damage the barrel. Even lead fouling is usually not a problem, and regular cleaning will rule it out.