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    I am new to this site but have been around guns my entire life. I have had my CZ 452 trainer for about 8 months and I love it but I never feel like I have been cleaning it properly. Is there a kit out there that is great for this sort of thing. I have a rod right now and it's for a .22 but I feel like I am scratching the barrel every time I clean it so can someone explain a step by step cleaning process. I use a wire brush and then a couple of pieces of cleaning cloth. I'm not looking to disassemble the bolt just take it out and clean the grime. I have seen people using what looks like a thin copper cord and attaching a wipe to it and it seems much better than a rod. The rod I don't like so much because the CZ's tolerances are so tights that the rod barely fits into the barrel(and yes it is the correct caliber)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I am looking into a ruger 22/45 Target. Let me know what you think.


    Below are pictures of the rifle if you're curious.

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    Pretty good-looking rifle. I'm sure there are many members here that can adequately answer your question for you.
    The reason I am posting is to keep your post on page 1 where others can readily see and answer it. Good luck!

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    CEB 444, I am almost hesitant to reply as there are a more experienced guys on this forum.
    But I am a glutton for punishment so here goes :p
    I use a cable instead of a rod for cleaning my rifles
    this one
    From what I understand, you will cause less damage during cleaning by only running the brush/patches the direction that the bullet travels. I also have a Ruger 10/22 and a Ruger Mini-14, the receiver on both do not allow for a rod to be inserted from the receiver end.
    The bore brush is made of brass, not as hard as your steel barrel. For the brush to do it's job it will be a bit hard to pull through the barrel. Do not allow the brush to stop mid barrel, one long steady pull.
    From there I run a solvent wetted patch through, then dry ones till they come out clean. Repeat the wet dry patches, if the rifle is really dirty.

    If the rifle is going to sit up awhile between use, wet a patch in gun oil and make one pass through the barrel.

    There is also a thing called a pach worm that is made of plastic (google it) most are homemade out of weed eater line, some can be purchased. As I have the cables already I haven't bothered with it. But it is an inexpensive solution.
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    I'll jump in, look up a bore snake. it is a cloth cleaner with a metal weight on one end. then it has copper brush embedded in the snake. one pull from breach to muzzel and you get the majority of the gunk out.

    there are several makes and models but i have an otter's brand and love it.
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    Never use a bore snake for cleaning!! They will work in an emergency in the field, that is all. Get an Otis cleaning system. They are all I use. Everything from .17 to 9.3mm(.366). Bore snakes need to be washed after each use. No one ever does. You just keep putting crap back in the bore, and worse the chamber.