Cylinder stop problem

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by jca1, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. jca1

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    Short version:

    My wife handed me her Taurus model 85UL and said :"It won't stay on the empty" (I know...I know..but she likes to have an empty chamber)

    So I take a look at it. Sure enough, while at rest the cylinder would spin right off the stop on that chamber and the next one too. The remaining three held just fine. Then I tried it in lock up. All the chambers locked up OK but one of the two described above felt like it wanted to slip off.

    I could not find anything wrong inside the gun. Finally I took my dremel and lightly hit the inside edge of the two notches that would not hold. I didn't really remove any material just kinda dremel filed it smooth I guess, and only inside the notch. I didn't take any material from the width of the notch, only the depth.

    I put it back together and it works fine now. Lock up is same as before except the one notch locks up better, and the timing is great.

    I'm thinking it's been this way since new and she just never had the empty on that notch before?

    Anyway, she does not get to carry this anymore. I'll be placing an order with my FFL as soon as she decides on the S&W model she wants.
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    Lifetime warranty.

    Ship it fedex express 2 day.

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    No disrespect, but I know that already. I'm looking for what else I could/should or should have done for my own education. Sorry for not clarifying that Willfully Armed, and I do appreciate your feedback.
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    I assume you measured the notches in the cylinder before cutting the notches bigger? Are all the cylinder notches uniform size/depth now? Usually it's a simple matter of honing/fitting the cylinder latch to fit the notches. It's highly unusual for the cylinder notches to be that far out of proper fitting.
  5. jca1

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    Sorry for the delayed response Stalking Bear.

    No I didn't measure the notches:eek:

    I removed the stop and checked it against the notches by hand. The stop fit all the notches equally it seemed but I just couldn't figure out anything else. I didn't actually remove material as much as smooth out the recessed area and clean up the inside edges. All I know for sure is that it works now; it locks up fine and the timing is good.

    She picked up her S&W model 638 last night.
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    When it comes to revolvers, the S&W are the best out there. You said you your wife got a S&W, good move
    I'd send the Taurus back to get checked out. If it's a self defense gun, you want it to be 100% perfect. If it should fail when you need it, you or your wife could have a bad outcome.
    Self defense weapons must be 100% reliable. The S&W is a much better made revolver. I usually carry my Glock, but if I carry a revolver, it's a S&W.
    As a retired gunsmith, I've just seen too many problems with the Tarus to trust my life to one. Great plinking, target guns, but not for self defense.

    John K