Cylinder hook for S&W 32 safety hammerless

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by Trez, May 6, 2011.

  1. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    The cylinder hook for my S&W 32 safety hammerless is worn and no longer turns the cylinder, anybody know where to get one? Could it be fixed? Ive checked numrich they have the part listed for $9.95 but it hasnt been in stock for years... It sucks I never got to shoot this gun because of a single, simple worn part i cant find........:(
  2. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Have a smith make one.

  3. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    You might check to see if the part from a similar gun will interchange. Also look for a parts gun. I'd recommend you get your smith to either make 1 as suggested or build up the original part back to new specs and have it heat treated.
  4. Eric0424

    Eric0424 New Member

    You may be able to call Bob's and ask if they have one that's not listed on their site. I ordered a few Rohm parts from them a while back. You could check Gun Broker as well, some rare and/or hard to find parts get listed now and them.

    About Gun Parts! ...Bob's Gun Parts.

    This guy doesn't list a cylinder hook, but does have a cylinder catch that looks like the hook from Numrich.

  5. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    Smiths out here are worthless, i had trouble finding a smith who would re-tap 2 holes for a scope mount, and when ive taken this gun to the smiths they ALL look at it like its from mars, tell me its too old and i should check numrich.... other than that they are no help..

    I will check out those sites... thanks eric!
  6. triggerman770

    triggerman770 New Member

    Worhtless smith's

    this man when ran the shop could make anything, now retired he tales on special job's. special Made Parts if you read his site you will understand why a lot of gunsmiths are unwilling to take on a job to manufacture a part for a gun oner 50 years old. THERE ARE NO DEMESIONAL DRAWINGS AVAILABLE to give the correct deminsions to make the correct profile of the part. you will say "just make it from the old part" Well tell me exactly how much wear the part has undergone
    when folks get charged 40-50 bucks an hour for a smith to make a part, the snarling & gnashing of teeth at the smith is just not worth the smith's time.
    OP- you may find a part at Jack First.605-343-9544 It's part # 11 on gun284
    page 640 of their catalog..good luck and let us know if you got it