CVA Optima Elite?

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    Has anyone owned or had any experience with a CVA Optima Elite rifle, With the interchangeable barrels? I have owned a few TCA Encore rifles, But I have never shot one of these CVA rifles. I am considering buying a used one with the stainless 30-06 barrel and a stainless, fluted 50 caliber muzzleloading barrel. It seems like a VERY reasonable price, just would like some opinions from somebody that has owned one, if possible. Thank You for any advice that you can give me.
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    If you need both a centerfire rifle and BP it will do well. Bergara makes a good barrel thats used on them. I have a older BP only optima and its a good bp rifle. I would not spend more money on another BP brand. The right paower and bullet and 200 / 225 yard kill shots are practical with the BP only.

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    I have the optima elite with the 50 cal , 308 and 243 , ill upload a few pics after , but i love mine it shoots really well and has never failed to put food on the table , the only complaint i do have has been with the 243 is that it does not like any rounds lighter than 75gr , otherwise with 95gr hornady bthp it shoots fantastic , i do a lot of hand loading for the 242 and 308 and have found that most loads i cook up shoot great out of them.

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    cva optima elite

    My husband does, he's bought via:
    This site definitely has some of the best prices on the market. He also likes to buy through them because they have no sales tax and it came through the mail fast, which is always a plus.
    Anyhow, he was very satisfied with them - so I just wanted to throw my two cents in :p you can never have too any options.
    Good luck!