Cutting down a .243 barrel.

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Zacsquatch, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Zacsquatch

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    I was interested in cutting down my .243 savages' barrel into a 16" carbine length for thick brush and such in Alaska.

    What will be my max bullet weight that will be effective? I have heard of some rifles tumbling bullets after the barrel was shortened. Will there be enough barrel to keep at least 2 moa at 100 yards? Should I be using reloads at that point or will factory box ammo work. I usually use 75 grain HP's but I have killed dozens of deer with 62's and 55's.

    If need be, I will cut it down... see for my own self how this will work and have an excuse to buy a bull barrel if it doesnt work the way Id like it too.

    This will not be used at distances greater than 150 yards and only at deer/caribou with a 4x nikon optic.

    Thanks for you help guys.
  2. masterPsmith

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    Your barrels will be way too short at 16" in .243. It is called overbore, case capacity vs barrel diameter and length. I would leave them alone.