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Cut off muzzle brake and recrown yugo?

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I have a yugo sks and want to get rid of the muzzle brake and treads and just recrown the barrel. Does any one know if there would be any complications (exploding barrel or legal?
thanks jag
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As far as exploding barrel, there is no problem unless you screw up the inside.

There may be some legal issues if you end up cutting it too short. Looking into the barrel length requirements.
Cut off and recrown

I was thinking that my yugo is longer than the standard sks because of the GL attachment/muzzle brake. It looks like the barrel will still be around 20" long. I belive that most states require 16" or 16.5". I will research the length question.
cutting yugo

i cut mine off about 4 in.s back from the tip of the barell, between the groove
i too didnot like the g/l piece on it. ... bobby
Cut off

16" is the miniumum under Federal law. Measured from bolt face to muzzle.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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