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    Hello all.
    I've been shooting trap for a while and finally got into amateur competition.
    I realized that I'm a left eyed dominant vs. right handed.
    Which will it be easier to get glasses to balance the domination or shoot left handed. ???
    Don't want a custom stock at least for now. It's darn expensive.

    Although I shoot trap with both eyes opened however I use one eye to acquire a shooting position then I open both eyes.
    I'm hitting targets but heck not consistent with my scorings.
  2. wiliardo123

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    Glasses will not balance your sights regardless of whatever optometrist says because it cannot happen in realty or scientifically or medically.

    Your options are.

    Train your right by squading with the left hand position using your right arm.

    Shoot with one eye.

    Shoot with your left.

    Customize stock ( pricey but effective )

    Cover the left eye with patch (works sometimes)

    Last If you acquire the target with 2 eyes and then aim with the dominant eye; you are wasting time and your shots will be slow and then will require different chokes.

    The questions to you are
    Do you shoot singles or doubles.?
    Do you squad with the gun mounted or not ?
    How many yards do you shoot from ?

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    Learn to shoot left handed, or cover the left lens of your shooting glasses with a piece of opaque tape.

    The tape will still allow light through but will blur the vision of the left eye, which forces the right eye to take over. Tried this with my wife and it worked for a while. Then she went out and bought a left handed bow and now shoots left handed only.

    Two advantages to LH shooting in your case. First, your scores WILL improve sooner rather than later because you will not be fighting your eye dominance. Secondly, You have spent your whole life supporting the heavy end of the weapon with your weak side. Switching to LH will put your stronger arm at the heavier end of the gun, giving you more stability, thus helping to improve your scores. It's gonna feel wierd at first (trust me, lost the vision in my right eye and had to do the same thing), but in the end it will be worth it. Hope this helps.