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I've always thought the idea of a custom serial number on a gun was really cool. The first one I ever saw was on a "GOAL" gun back in 1984. BTW, GOAL is the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts. At the annual banquet, GOAL holds a raffle for its members. The top prize is always a gun that has been specially built and donated for the event, and it usually has a custom serial number. In the past they have been made by Dan Wesson, Smith & Wesson, Ruger and Strayer-Voight. The serial numbers are usually "GOAL", followed by the year. That very first one I saw was "GOAL 1984".
I was wondering if this was a common practice for gun owner organizations on the state level, or is this something unique to GOAL?
I know the NRA has special serial numbers on some of their auction guns, and I've seen a few on DU "prize" guns too, but are there other groups that do this too?
I don't think manufactures let individuals choose custom serial numbers anymore. There was a time when the T/C Custom Shop would let you choose a custom serial number for a frame while it was being made, usually on a flat side model that would also feature custom engraving, but they don't let you do this anymore.
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