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    My father and I recently have been discussing taking a Mosin Nagant and tricking it out. We will each be doing our own rifle and then when I go home for leave this summer we are going to have a small competition. Hopefully the sailor (me) will beat the marine (him). Anyways, I plan on picking another one up at a gun show here in a week or so. Here is my plan for the old soviet weapon:

    A new stock:

    I plan on cutting off the bolt handle and machining a new one, then weld it back onto the piece.

    My plan is to completely remove the iron sights. I want to chuck up the barrel and turn it down past the dove tail that way the barrel is nice and smooth. I will be sacrificing an inch of barrel length but owell. Then I'm gonna throw some threads onto it for a muzzle break. I haven't found a nice break yet.

    I'm gonna sand blast the whole thing and blu it.

    It must have a nice bi pod.... it must.

    Of course it will have a nice scope on it. Not really sure what I am going to do with the scope mount but I want it to be directly attached to the receiver. So I will probably machine my own and come up with a way of attaching it to the receiver myself.

    I also plan on welding a ring to the back of the bolt to make operating the safety easier.
    Except mine will be thicker and it will be welded to the edge, not to the face.

    Well, what do y'all think of my future tack driver plans? Think it'll turn out nice? Anything you would add?
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    All I can recommend is to buy a second one, if you don't already, and don't change a thing about it so you can still have an original.

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    I already have one with all matching serial numbers. It is gonna stay the way it is.
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    A timney trigger would be one of the best accurizing mods you can do and you get a nice thumb safety with it.