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    Hi can anyone tell me what this gun from the movie "wanted" is? and specify parts that they used to make it?..and what's the name of that thing sticking out of the front of the gun with holes in it? i need to know please. thank you. and if anyone much would it cost to get a custom one made exactly like that and where?

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    Well, the weapon is a base 1911 model. It's called a Matchmaster and is believed to be constructed by Safari Arms. It appears to have an extended 10 round magazine. The "thing sticking out of the front of the gun with holes in it" is called a muzzle break, and the one on the weapon isn't that impressive from a construction standpoint, but reports have it made of titanium, which would be completely ridiculous from a cost versus effect stand point, but whatever floats your boat.

    There is on line speculation that the weapon is 10mm, and not .45 ACP, as would be the norm.

    The custom engraving is done to match the tattoos on Jolie's character's body. If you look at the hold of the weapon in Jolie's left hand, you will see that the tattoo's match up with the engraving on the pistol. Never mind the fact that there is no LH safety on the weapon in question.

    All in all, I appreciate the fact that they gave my girl a 1911, but I would have chosen a much better model for her.


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    That thing looks like 20 pounds of **** stuffed into 5 pound sack.

    If you're interested in building one though, there are several really good engravers and laser etching folks that hang out here that would be able to do the cosmetic work for you. There are a couple companies that make 1911 barrel bushings that have compensators/muzzle breaks on them. 10 round mags are easy to come by also.
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    cool thanks a lot. anyone else got something to say that could also help me? thanks.