Custom Grips, Engraving, Scrimshandering for Guns

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    As far back as I can remember I’ve worked with my hands
    creating different forms of art; drawing, sculpting, tattooing,
    jewelry making, carving and others.

    As a 28-year aerospace prototype fabricator welder, I have
    enjoyed creating things with metal from scratch.

    At the Las Vegas Antique Arms & Shot Show my work was
    displayed for Colt Gun Company. I’ve been featured on the
    cover of Knives 2004, in Knife World and Guns Magazine.

    I specialize in art knives of all types. My favorite knives are
    Sub-Hilt Fighters. Common blade steels are 1095, 01, carbon
    Damascus, ATS34, and others. The preferred handle materials
    are ivory, exotic woods, pearl or other natural materials.

    I embellish my work with file work, scrimshaw, engraving, stone
    settings and hand-tooled sheaths using hand-made chisels and
    other tools.

    All my work is sole authorship. My prices range from $350 and up.

    Take a look
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