Custom comb mods?

Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by DustyDoll, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. DustyDoll

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    Hi y'all. Need a little advice here. I definitely need to raise the comb on my CZ 455 to get a proper cheek weld and be lined up with my scope. Right now I have a temporary fix using stick-to-itself 3" ace bandage over 3/4" of rubber anti-fatigue mat. I would like to do something more permanent and attractive, yet easy to remove and reinstall for cleaning purposes. I have in mind getting someone to put 2 threaded inserts in the comb and then making a custom walnut piece to fit (I am a carver and woodturner of sorts so I think I can manage that part).
    Any ideas here as to whether this would or not work ok? Any of you done this or something similar? I am thinking that maybe there would need to be a very thin piece of something like 1/32 gasket material between the two pieces as it might be hard to get an exact match of the curved surfaces. Ideas? Thoughts on unanticipated problems I might encounter?

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    I hate to be blunt but why do you need to distort your face on the stock? Cheek weld is a bunch of BS! Put your man panties on and shoot the damn gun. My God, get over it. No one on here can give you a reason why you need to make love to the stock, drool all over it, chew on it, whatever. Stop using it as a crutch and shoot WTF you have.