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    After I custom fit the height of the rest I removed it to wrap it in fabric. I used spray glue and careful fitting to apply the fabric to the foam. Then I ran a strip of Velcro longways underneath the piece and hot glued the soft side of the Velcro to my stock. I liked the idea of that glue because it holds decent and it peels off really cleanly if I need it to. And I glued the soft side down in case I lost the cheek rest or it fell off somehow, the rough part of the Velcro wouldn't tear off my face when I shot the rifle. Keeping the two parts of Velcro together I ran a bead of glue on the back side of the hook side of the Velcro and place the rest on the glue in the position that I wanted it. I had to make sure that the bolt had enough room to cycle. Once I did that I cut two long strips of Velcro and strategically placed those towards the front and rear to act as wraps around the stock to actually hold it in place. And that was it. It's comfortable, it helps with faster target acquisition, and it's just plain proper. It's a lot easier to hold steady on your target when you don't have to hold your head up to keep aligned with your crosshairs. Makes a HUGE difference!! And everything I used was already purchased for prior projects so it made this one free. I love those. Plus, when you DIY, you appreciate it more. Thanks for checking it out. Let me know what you think. Or better ideas.

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