Ohio Custom Built 6.8 SPC AR

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    Hello All. I have been absent from the threads here for a while but a few of you received a PM when you were checking in so you may already know. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct of last year 6 days after we were married. She is doing very well now and has just finished the first stage of reconstruction. Financially things are extremely tight and I can see no other option but to sell my rifle. I built this rifle piece by piece and hand selected every part for the best quality. I'm asking $2500 which is a lot less than I put into it. So here's the list of parts.

    Lower: AeroPrecision (with custom Zombie Control engraving courtesy of BigCat)
    Upper: AeroPrecision Flattop
    Barrel: Daniel Defense 16" CHF S2W w/ LPGB
    Quad Rail: DD 12" AR-15 Lite Rail
    Muzzle Device: PRI 6.8 Quiet Brake
    Iron Sites: Magpul MBUS II
    Main Sight: EOTech XPS3-0
    Parts Kit: Daniel Defense Mil Spec
    Bolt Carrier: Fail Zero (NiB)
    Bolt: LMT 6.8 Enhanced Bolt
    Fore Grip: Gripod
    Pistol Grip: ERGO Grip (with storage)
    Stock: Magpul ACS Milspec
    Buffer Tube: Spikes Tactical Milspec
    Also included:
    100 Rnds 110 Grain Barnes Tactical load 6.8 SPC
    200+ Rnds 115 Grain HPBT 6.8 SPC (Loose)
    50 Cal MCM Zombie edition ammo can
    PRI 6.8 15 rnd Mag
    PRI 6.8 25 Rnd Mag
    Barrett 6.8 30 Rnd Mag
    Read Head soft case

    Total: $2500
    Location: Franklin OH
    Contact: Everoblivion2005@yahoo.com

    Needs to be sold as a lot as I really don't feel like parting it out. Would like to do the sale in a public place (police station preferred). I put a ton of work and heart into this build but my wife is defiantly more important. Thanks for looking, please tell your friends or anyone who may be interested.

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    Cost of parts new

    I put together a list of what all these parts would cost new from the manufacturer, not including shipping or any time or tools purchased to put it together.
    AP Lower: 119.50
    AP Upper: 89.99
    DD Barrel With LPGB: 350.00
    DD Quad Rail: 365.00
    DD Parts Kit: 99.00
    PRI Brake: 83.00
    PRI 25RND Mag: 43.00
    PRI 15rnd Mag: 42.00
    Barret 30rnd Mag: 49.99
    Magpul MBUs II Set: 97.90
    Magpul ACS-L Milspec Stock: 99.95
    FAil Zero Exo Bolt Carrier: 125.00
    LMT Enhanced Bolt: 170.50
    Gripod: 149.99
    Pistol Grip: 21.12
    Spikes Tactical Millspec Buffer Tube: 64.00
    Mega Charging Handle: 31.00
    Red Head Rifle Case: 38.95
    Ammo Can: 21.75
    5 Box of Barnes TSX Tac: 158.25
    10 Box of HPBT: 219.90
    Eotech XPS3-0: 609.00

    Total: 3048.79

    So apparently some of this has come down in price, I changed my price in the add to something more reasonable. Again thanks for looking.