Kentucky Custom 2004 Honda Shadow

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    I have a custom Honda shadow for sale, the bike is a show winner and has nearly $5000 worth of custom work done to it. Unfortunately I just have to sell it.

    The bike is still titled as a Shadow but has had the frame chopped behind the seat and has been hard tailed. While only 600 CCs this bike has a surprising amount of power due to the Hard Chrome pipes and Hypercharger.

    The specs are as follows:
    16" ape hangers
    Custom handmade seats, front and rear
    Handmade fender struts
    Shaved front fender tabs
    Custom rear fender
    Hard chrome exhaust
    Custom signals, front and rear
    Custom tail light.
    Braided cables

    About 18,000 miles +/-

    The bike does need two things, the tires are worn and it will need a new set soon and the gas tank should be repainted, all other paint is good, this is the biggest reason I am asking so little for it.

    Partial trades are possible depending on the item. Price is $2,200

    PM preferred but I can also be reached at

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