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  1. hdwrench

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    why is it that some 22's can shoot different length rounds ,short,long or long rifle ? but 22 mags rifles can only shoot that length round ?
  2. Dillinger

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    Shoot them? Or shoot them safely and accurately?

    All of them are rimfire cartridges, but what you have is a much longer throat ( longer case ), wider case ( diameter ) for the magnum round.

    You could put a smaller round in there, but it's not safe, it's not accurate and it's not what would be classified as "recommended" by anyone I know. :cool:
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  3. stalkingbear

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    The reason is the .22 magnum is bigger in diameter than the other .22 rounds. You can't fire a .22s/l/lr in a .22mag chamber without the case bulging or splitting. The mag is .002 bigger in bore diameter anyway so you'd not experience great accuracy in the 1st place.
  4. c3shooter

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    As the folks have said, .22 Mag and .22 LR are two different birds.

    HOWEVER- there IS another round the .22 Mag CAN fire safely and accurately- that is the .22 WRF- or .22 Winchester Rimfire. Older (and shorter) than the mag, lead bullet instead of jacketed, does not do as much damage to squirrels and bunnies. Rimfires headspace off the rim, so as long as you clean chamber good after shooting, does not matter.

    BTW, there are a few revolvers that will shoot LR or magnum. (I have a Colt Peacemaker like that) They have two different cylinders, barrel bored for Mag, meaning accuracy with LR is wishful thinking.
  5. hdwrench

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    i know the long rifle and the mag do not interchange . my question was why short ,long and long rifle can be shoot from one chamber but the mag could not . i believe stalking bear's answer of the bullet diameter being different answered that part of my question . interesting note on the wrf thou .that is a good piece of info . i have seen that ammo on the market .
  6. willfully armed

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    My Colt New Frontier is a bullseye gun with either round......