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  1. mattybock

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    I'm just curious about this - would pinfire, cupfire, volcanic, or needle gun firearms be classed as curios/relics?

    If they are, isn't it surprising more people don't have modern reproductions of those fun old dinosaurs. never drop a pinfire cartridge. :p
  2. Marlinman

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    Yes they are qualified as c&r

    God didnt make all men equal colonel Sam Colt did

  3. c3shooter

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    Actually, most of them will be classed as an ANTIQUE. Under US Federal law, a Curio & Relic is 50 yrs old or older. So, yes, those would be C&R IF ORIGINAL.

    The same law defines ANTIQUE firearm as a "loose powder and ball" type gun, OR a gun made prior to 1899. Cupfires, teat fires, lip fires, Crispins, etc, seem to date from the 1860s.

    Reproductions are treated a little differently, however. If it is a repro that ammo is not made for, it is still antique. Start making ammo for one, the repro would be a modern firearm. So you COULD have a Plant cupfire, but anyone starts making .42 cupfire ammo, you have a firearm.