Culture of Death.

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    Below is an email I sent out on Sunday, 7-22-12. I sent it to most of my email coorespondents, including elected officials.

    I have to speak up. I can’t let this go by without comment.

    We live in a society and culture that glorifies violence. We willingly and lovingly send our children to movies that glorify and rationalize the misuse of weapons, whether they are guns, knives, bombs, laser blasters, or medieval swords and torture devices. We produce and promote motion pictures that not only feature the misuse of firearms, but do so in a way that defies the laws of physics with super slow motion computer animation, all in an effort to get the “cool special effects” feelings from the audience. With very rare exception, gun use portrayed on the screen, bears little resemblance to reality. We rationalize exposing our young and easily influenced citizens to this culture of death and depravity by telling ourselves; “It’s only PG-13. They see worse than that on TV.”

    It isn’t only the movies. This culture of violence and death extends into the area of video games with graphic killing and maiming a common theme, all produced with young minds as the target audience. It includes pop music that not only diminishes certain members of the human species, but glorifies criminal activity, hatred, sexual assaults and other forms of criminal and antisocial behavior. We idolize so called “comic book characters” which bear no resemblance to the comic books they are based on. There is nothing funny, or comical about the violence shown in these movies. There is nothing funny about movies where police officers are often portrayed as evil, and criminals and crimes are glorified.

    Certain political leaders, entertainment personalities and news organizations have taught us to vilify “millionaires and billionaires.” Many of those leaders and personalities are millionaires and billionaires themselves. While voicing their misguided blame on some wealthy people, they see no problem with violent movies earning millions of dollars in just one weekend, enriching the producers and actors who are friendly with those same politicians. The major news media often praises them with such phrases such as “box office hits,” or “smashing hits.” Television news programs cover such events as “news.” The graphic violence and terror portrayed on the screens are later described as “cool” by the youngsters being interviewed by local television stations.

    Some major television news personalities have blamed the most recent mass killing in Aurora Colorado, as the fault of the “tea party.” As if law abiding, tax paying and honestly concerned American citizens, who wish only to support and defend the founding principles of our nation, might also wish to promote mass killings. That is no more true than the accusation by some, that conservative Americans wish to promote dirty air and dirty water, as if conservatives don’t breathe the air or drink the water.

    Some high profile and independently wealthy politicians would have us believe that the problem in our society is guns, as if guns have minds of their own and target people for death. Each and every gun used in crime, including in Aurora Colorado, have one thing in common. They all were held by evil human beings. Some would have us believe that if we could just eliminate guns (except government guns) all of society’s ills will be solved. Those same politicians who call for “reasonable” gun regulation, never tell us about the millions of times annually that guns are used successfully to stop violent crime. The media rarely reports such instances and treats them as a local story, thereby not exposing it to national coverage. I wonder why?

    Politicians who believe, or profess to want to make our communities safe, often tell us how to live our lives because they see common citizens as too stupid to care for ourselves. They believe only government can successfully tell us how to live. Whether it be limiting the amount of sugar in our soft drinks, fat in our diet, what kind of car to drive, consumption of alcohol, smoking, or individual use of lawful products in our everyday lives. Only they know what’s best for us. They would also have us believe that the mere introduction of a firearm in a person’s life will turn an otherwise honest, law abiding person into a mad-dog killer. They would have us believe that only government has the responsibility and the ability to protect citizens from criminal attacks. Oh really? How many violent crimes are committed in the United States every day? Why weren’t those crimes stopped, or prevented by government? How about the rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults? Where was government?

    Don’t misunderstand. I am not criticizing the police. I was a police officer for 30 years. I know how hard police officers work. I know they do their best to respond quickly to major crimes, sometimes risking their lives to do so. I know they do their best to identify and quickly apprehend perpetrators of violent crime. But all of that is after the fact. Ever hear the old saying; “There’s never a cop around when you need one?” Or how about the more modern version; “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

    Please consider our broken mental health system in the United States. Many people who are unable to cope with reality and often act out in violent and threatening ways, are not protected by government, they are kicked out onto the streets to fend for themselves the best they can. People who for whatever reason choose to not follow the advice of mental health professionals very often come to the attention of the police, who must deal with them while they are acting out violently. When the officers are forced to defend themselves or others, they are more often than not vilified for their actions. That is something I have intimate personal knowledge of.

    Government is not structured to protect common citizens. Elected officials and wealthy celebrities have the resources to receive personal protection. Few of the rest of us have that luxury. Those who would confiscate all personally owned firearms from citizens are denying them not only their constitutional rights, but also their natural rights of self defense. Those high profile elected officials who claim they support the Second Amendment to the US Constitution are being less than honest. Recent events with international treaties engineered by foreign tyrants via the United Nations have one goal, and that is to disarm private citizens. History is replete with examples of what happens when citizens are no longer allowed to possess the means to protect themselves, their families or their communities.

    Make no mistake! What happened in Aurora Colorado is horrible. My prayers go out to those who suffered or continue to suffer because of the acts of one man. But it was only one man, acting out for some unknown reason. To claim for political reasons or personal ideology that all citizens should be disarmed, is not reasonable, or rational. By all means, punish the guilty, but don’t also punish the innocent victims and future victims by not allowing them the means to defend themselves from violence. It’s a complex problem, with no simple solution.

    July 22, 2012

    One of the first replies I got was from my State Senator, a Democrat, asking me to call her on Monday. She thanked me for sending my thoughts to her, and she has shared it with other State legislators. I learned that both she and her husband are long time shooters, and that my letter inspired her to get busy and apply for a carry permit. She also believes that Obama needs to be run out of office, but that is for another discussion. I believe she is a DINO.

    So far, all of the replies I have received are positive, and those who would disagree with me, such as my congressman and US Senators, have simply not responded.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and join me in praying for our country.
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    Very good job !! It seems you are getting some traction with your effort. Good luck.

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    Well said.

    I'm a total layman at this stuff,but these are just my thoughts.

    I'm starting to think that much like serial killers have a series of "fertilizers" that provoke their nature,there's a trifecta of sorts here with these mass shooters.

    They have been over-medicated to the point of being literally chemically lobotomized by an irresponsible and outright profit driven mental health/pharmaceutical agency that has the FDA in their pockets.

    Then they have been imprinted with years and years of the media produced crap your mentioning in your post.

    Then they literally get "operant training" from the types of video games in your post.

    I'm guessing that each one of these issues alone,while serious and needing to be addressed themselves,are not enough to provoke the kind of thing that happened in Aurora.

    I think all three need to be present along with one other thing- the person needs to be ostracized from society and be a "loner",which gives them plenty of time to develop fantasies to the point where their pharmaceutically damaged minds simply cannot tell the difference between reality and fiction any longer.

    I think these monsters are being made,intentionally or with malicious disregard,by profiteers in the pharmaceutical,psychiatric,and entertainment industries.

    I think the BEST solution is for PARENTS to stop allowing these greedy phucks to profit on their kids.
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    Words cannot possibly convey my deepest gratitude to you for your patriotism and vigilance. THANK YOU!!!
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    Excellent my friend~ And then with all this with the present verbal and propaganda regarding anti-gun campaigns. They teach our new generation to also be passive since out in public and guns are a "BAD" thing. I sure wished there had been a few trained and proficient CCW citizens in the theater that night. Maybe they could have minimized the carnage of the night?
    But excellent job my friend on your document! :)

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    Pioneer461, that is one very well written letter! you made some very good and reasonable points that were laid out with lots of common sense and logic. i enjoyed reading it.
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    thank you for that one, great letter :)

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    Ya done good. Excellent letter.
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    I love it when Burns does that!