Cull Hunt in Australia's N.T

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    Ok as promised this is the cull hunt my son and I went on a few years ago in our Northern Territory(Crocodile Dundee Territory).

    There is a pic of a donkey that was shot plus there are referrals to horses we shot as well.
    These are shot because of the damage they do fences and the environment along with the wild dogs and where we were hunting it isn't cost effective to take them away as this place was about 2 hours away from any town and the cost of fuel up there is around $1.80+litre for diesel so it's easier to shoot them and use them as pig bait.

    Hopefully you'll enjoy the yarn and YES I do have a heap more pictures of what we shot up there plus some scenery and I do have a heap of pics from around here hunting foxes and other critters so enjoy.'s NT Adventure.htm
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    Very interesting and a great read. You got quite a bit of critters during that hunt. Thanks for sharing that.

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    That is what we need to do here is kill EVERY wild donkey and horse in America. They destroy habitat and are NOT a native species. But the ignorant always go with their heart and not their heads.

    What a cool hunt. Thanks for posting that. Looks like a blast.
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    Hairbear,Great hunt and even better article of the fun everyone had.
    I really enjoyed reading that.
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    The DNR manages to sell a good number of mustangs. I do not know if they sell enough mustangs for the horses to earn their keep.

    Once upon a time the mustang population was kept in check by people who sold the mustangs for dog food. Now it is against the law to slaughter a horse in the US.

    In turn, our dogs are dying of hip dysplasia. People blame hip dysplaysia on puppy mills but puppy mills are nothing new. A large percentage of dogs suffering from hip dysplasia is something new. A glucosamine-based nutritional supplement may give the body additional raw materials used in joint repair. Our dogs used to get all the nutrients they needed from horse meat.