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  1. Duke5728

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    Hey y'all,
    I'm living up here in Connecticut (God help me) and I find myself about to be laid off (God help me) so I thought who better to turn to for advice on where to find work as a gunsmith or firearms retailer in this state than the fine folks at FTF!

    So what do you think friends? In my shoes where would you go? Other than anywhere but Connecticut of course haha. Not that I'm not considering it, mind you, just can't leave yet.

    Will be most grateful for any advice,
    Sean Patrick
  2. ctshooter

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    Hoffmans, Newington Gun Exchannge, the list goes on and on for retailers. Jojo's is a smith shop.

  3. Gonzilla

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    Tom at Grouse Perch in Old Saybrook. (860) 388-2277.

    Warning: he has the gift of gab - drop on down and talk to him, if you are good and have references, he can throw a lot of work your way. People are traveling over an hour just to have recoil pads installed. Prices are high because the areas gunsmith retired and there is a vacuum created by his absense.

    Jobs are almost nonexistent in CT except for service area ie min wage. Blue state blues, over taxed, over regulated and to make matters worse, they keep electing Democrats. The state just keeps shooting itself in the foot.

    Don't forget to vote Nov 4th !