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We have a very limited IDPA @ the indoor range that I shoot pistols at....hoping to find something outdoors that I can shoot an AR also. Not familiar w/USPSA & will check that out now-THANKS!
similar rules to IDPA.

USPSA is the US version of IPSC.

the main differences between IDPA and IPSC shooting, is that in IDPA, "the targets are shooting back at you" so you have to use cover, slice the pie around corners, etc. and it's all about weapons that you would actually use on duty or CCW carry. in IPSC, they're just targets, and it's all about the sport of shooting as fast as you can. no requirement to use cover, slice the pie, maintain control of your magazines during reloads, etc. The weapons you see in IPSC will range from box stock Berettas Glocks, 1911s, to all out race guns with red dot optics, massive compensators, super light custom loads, holsters that look like your rig would fall out if you swat at a fly by your face.

Both have their place, and both are tons of fun!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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