crow for turkey?

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by unclebear, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. unclebear

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    I've heard that you can use a crow call to locate turkey? is this true? and if so how does it work?

    I'm just getting into turkey hunting this year so I really don't know much
  2. Gatoragn

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    During the spring, a gobbler may gobble at any loud noises. I say may, not will. It depends on how much hunting pressure has been on the birds. If a gobbler answered a crow call then 5 minutes later a hunter walks in on him, Mr. Gobbler will learn from that experience.

    Crow calls, owl hoot calls, peacock imitators, all are used as "locator" calls.

    I have not had great success with a crow call, but some hunters swear by them.

    I have heard gobblers answer an owl's (a real one) hoot at daylight.

    I have had good luck using a gobble call to locate birds later in the day after they have their hens.

  3. rifleman1

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    i use a crow call and they do work but it does depend on hunting pressure but the same can be said for using your turkey calls themselves,iv hunted land that was over run by coyotes and it was almost impossible to get a turkey to talk back.