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    I've been wondering about the Crossbreed Supertuck. Are they as good as they look and read? How well do they wear and carry? Do they work well with revolvers? I'm possibly going to be carrying a revolver soon and I need a good holster for it and am going to take the time to pick the right holster. I'm a smaller frame guy and it's hard to hide the bulk of the cylinder. As I have carried wheel guns in the past, I have found it hard to get myself a good holster. If not the crossbreed, do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!
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    I have two of the early ones, they are awesome. The leather keeps the rear of the slide from being in contact with you're skin...which for a fat boy like me is KEY. I've never worn them in public "tucked"...just a preference thing. They do work just like the commercial says, IMHO.

    The newer ones are more aesthetically pleasing than the earlier ones. That's a plus. Until they are broken in they squeak a little, which is my only complaint.

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    I love mine carry my sr9c in it. I went with the combat cut which I like better. I also had trouble with the squeak until everything got broken in. Maybe a week or so? I put a little mink oil on the leather ( nowhere where the gun would come in contact with) just to keep the leather nice. Sometimes I can't even tell its on me, the leather holds pretty true when it gets broken in, as long as you carry same position. Both sets of clips are easy to use, the tension on holder is good ( at least out of the box mine was) shipped in about two weeks.
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    I love mine! Mini tuck for the S&W BG .380, it's comfortable, secure and top notch craftsmanship. I recommend them to everyone.

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    I like my Crossbreed Supertuck for my G23. But I also have a Kholster Full moon. When I cut the leather of the Kholster into a combat cut like the Supertuck I found it to be identical to the Crossbreed, and its half the price!