Crossbow Advice needed PLEASe!

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by jsr5, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. jsr5

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    OK I"m selling my old Barnett Commando Crossbow so I can buy a better for hunting deer crossbow. Tentatively I have decided on a Barnett recruit but other than having owned one in the box for 20 years I have zero experience with using buying etc a crossbow. soooooooo
    With $375 or so being the budget. And the end bow needing to have a crank type cocking device (my back and shoulders are totally shot) and figuring a dozen bolts (I have some broadheads 125gr I think will work) and end use of deer hunting I already have a nikon xr crossbow scope so no need for that out of the budget. Suggestions opinions tips tricks etc etc please.
  2. TruggieTex

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    Can't help you in that $$ range...
    Just ordered my first crossbow-Barnett Ghost 410...
    Happy to provide a review once received, though.
    Should be on the porch by this Friday.

  3. snakeoil

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    Get a reverses Limb cross want regret it...I have the old Horton, but there are out of business..
  4. JTJ

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    I am no crossbow expert but am interested in the thread. Are you after the compound or recurve in the recruit? The compound sells for $250 and the recurve is $175 on Amazon.
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  5. jsr5

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    Compound looking for the speed and range increase. And that price is also one of the reasons the recruit is what I"m looking at right now. I like the idea of the revers limbed bows but all I've looked at were so much more pricey for some reason I understand r and d costs but you know ythere wasn't any it was jus tthe two dumbest guys in the shop playing around and they accidentally hit on a cool idea :p