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  1. willshoum

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    Can any one here tell me that if your right handed and left eye dominate do you shoot left handed or do you site with both eyes. I once owned a nine shot rev. with a nine inch barrel, I lost the rear site but continued to shoot on a daily basis. Maybe 5 k + rounds. Got to the point where I didnt aim, just point and shoot. Snakes never new what hittem. My son's right handed and left eye dom. Found out this while in the U.S.M Corps. So how many new comers to the pistola range can't hit a target from only fifteen feet away. Could be they got the wrong eye closed. Wills in da swamp in La. One shot One kill..........
  2. dunerunner

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    Right eye dominate, sight (pistol) both eyes open. Works for me!

    Thank your son for his service to country. My son, USMC 2000 - 2005.

  3. zhuk

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    Left-handed, right eye dominant here. Try as best I can to keep both eyes open shooting pistol...maybe my left still closes slightly involuntarily. Although you can always move your arms a bit over from dead-centre to compensate I think.

    Only been shooting since last May (and not nearly as often as I would if it were legally possible here) so I don't get the number of rounds downrange that I'd prefer. Rifle, on the other hand is a completely different animal - I have had to learn to shoot right-handed right from the start.
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    I am left-handed and severly right-eye dominant. I shoot mostly lefty but practice with my right when shooting pistols with both eyes open. Long guns I've always shot right-handed.