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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by kimbercollector, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. kimbercollector

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    So this is my first post...I havnt introduced myself yet...I heard about FireArmsTalk from a friend at the range, and I have a feeling Ill be spending some time here.

    I have a new Kimber Ultra TLE II...Im thinking of putting some CT LG on it, but wanted to ask to see other experiences. On a smaller gripped 1911s, what are some of the pros and cons of LGs? Ive only shot with them on the standard full size...I think with the proper training, they could be an asset.

    These are the ones Im looking at:

    Hopeful the "link" works. Also, any experience with tactical gear super store? Im usually an opticsplanet guy, byut have a 25% off coupon for them...might as well try.

    Look forward to some opinions...

  2. JonM

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    my opinion and its just that:

    they are detrimental it seems to me people tend to spend time trying to find the dot. while lasers are great indoors on a paper target they are next to useless for self defense.

    target shooting your better off using the sights and developing good fundamentals.

    self defense you arent going to be using the sights much if at all. spending precious time looking for the dot is just not going to happen.

    they are great for leo use where police officers often draw their weapons to cover a subject without shooting.

    civilian world i think they are a terrible idea. if you want something neato thats actually useful get some nite sights.

  3. armsmaster270

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    They are a good aid but are not to be relied on except in special circumstances. The main thing is to hone your shooting skills without the laser then with an empty gun practice then verify with the laser.
  4. danf_fl

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    I agree with both gentlemen above. The approximate $300 is better spent on ammo for practice and honing the basics.
  5. InfiniteWalrus

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    The funniest argument for them is the 'intimidation'... But even if the person sees the dot it will be shaking like you have the palsy!

    I don't see a legitimate use for then really. As stated above just put the time in to develop your skills.

    I have the Pro TLE/RL and it's awesome. Most accurate gun I've ever shot.
  6. Dennis845

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    I agree with everyone here. As a matter of fact, they came standard on my new Kimber Ultra CDP II and I immediately took them off and put a beautiful set of thin cocobolo ones one. If you're interested I would give you a much better deal on them. They barely saw the light of day. If interested PM me.