crimping 9mm cases

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    I have a Lee Pro 1000 reloader. I'm reloading 9mm lugar rounds. Do you have to crimp 9mm . I tried adjusting my seater die but don't seem to get a crimp.It is a Lee die. what do you guys think.
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    Yes you should crimp them. they get a taper crimp that is not as noticeable as a roll crimp like on a revolver cartridge.

    To adjust you should take a UNLOADED and sized case run the press ram to the top of the stroke. Now screw the die down until you feel it contact with the case mouth now take 1/2 turn more. Run a test round and keep at it. If you have problems call the manufacture of the die they will be able to talk you threw it better than we can.

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    Taper crimping should be done as a separate operation. On a 4 station press, station 3 is for bullet seating, station 4 is for taper crimping.

    +1 on what tango said

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    9MM crimp??

    :rolleyes::)Two must have tools for me for 9MM+.45ACP, are Lee Factory Crimp Die,and overall cartridge case guage. Both avail. from Midway. I load on a Dillon 550,with Dillon dies, and run all loads through the Lee Factory Crimp die as a last step. All loads are then checked with the o/a case guage. You'll find that 9 brass shot through a Glock, will have expanded bases, that only the Lee FCD will resize,after loads are assembled. The die has a carbide ring at the base that will help Glock fired, and IMO all 9MM/.45ACP loads. The o/a case guage takes the place of a barrel to check for fit of re-loaded round. Good luck, and have fun