Criminal Investigation of Fertilizer Plant Explosion

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    TX state law enforcement agents announced a criminal investigation into the fertilizer explosion at West, TX; that killed 15 people. A West, TX paramedic was very recently arrested for possession of a "destructive device".

    From Reuters:
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    This would fit the MO! And also is not unusual that someone that is in this position who is a wacko is an arsonist or other sick individual that gets off on doing and seeing. I think they are on to something her! Why would someone that was at the actual scene of the explosion as a responder be caught with bomb material! I think he is guilty of bombing the plant. I have always said it was not accident when the comments came out about the tanks that were not damaged!
    For example several years back we arrested an arsonist who went around town one morning early and set 6 apartment fires in complexes. We were just behind him and trapped him in a complex. It was a newspaper carrier! Imagine that! So not hard to believe the guy set the bombs at the plant.

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    In the past ten years in OK we have had several serial arsonists who were firefighters, mostly volunteers.

    Despite the fact that 14 people were blown up, the national media has not homed in on this fertilizer plant explosion. They are still milking the CT school massacre and the Boston marathon bombing for all they are worth.

    That fertilizer plant was located out in the middle of nowhere until the town built right up against the property. There is apparently no zoning in that county. In late 2012 the plant was storing 270 tons of ammonium nitrate. At least four different federal agencies that do not communicate with each other get their noses into the ammonium nitrate/fertilizer plant business. The plant had been fined for violations.

    Yep, ammonium nitrate will blow up. In 96,97 and 98 i had a work site in NJ that was located on the former T. A. Gillespie ammunition loading plant property . The place blew up and burned up in October, 1918. There were several explosions of stored ammonium nitrate that exceeded 250 tons. There was a crater across the road from my work trailer where 500 tons of ammonium nitrate blew up there. After nearly 80 years the crater was still over 40 feet deep and 250 feet wide.
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    In Texas, there is not "County zoning". With the possible exception of Harris County (Houston). The powers of Counties are severly limited. Cities have zoning rights, and not neccesarily ALL cities. Texas puts population thresholds for varying levels of authority. They do not want some little burg, population 150, to run amock.
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    Considering the timing of that event and the Boston terrorist attack, I have always suspected that something was amiss with that "accident."

    While I seriously doubt there was any kind of "connection," terrorist attacks often "set off" lunatics that are already "on the edge."