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    Has anyone here other than myself seen the new Crickett "pistol" by Keystone firearms? Essentially, its a .22 Crickett bolt action rifle with the barrel cut down to about 10" and mounted on a target style pistol grip similar to the one on the 10/22 based "Charger" pistol from Ruger. It's a single shot .22 bolt action with the bolt mounted on the LEFT side vs. the right. Our local Academy store received four of them earlier this week. It seems they are so new that the owners manual lists the specs on the rifle instead of the pistol and the word "PISTOL" looks to be hand written over the original, white-out covered word RIFLE on the specification tag that's attached to the gun. It's retailing for $180 at Academy and the store has already sold three of the four gun it got in on Monday.

    I checked the Keystone/Crickett web site but there is no mention of the new gun. I'm thinking this might be a nice target/survival gun and the price is reasonable. If anyone has any info or knows more about them (or owns one), could you please share with us.
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    that sounds like a interesting pistola,would be fun to target shoot with and kill beer cans.

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    The only draw back would be having to pull the back of the bolt every time you want to fire.
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    Dude!! I hope you're referring to empty beer cans!!! :D:D:D