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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by BeyondTheBox, Apr 1, 2013.

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    I've come to find that my wrists want to angle downward so the top is parallel from elbow to knuckle, for reinforcing recoil resistance, but this causes most guns to point low for me.

    Glocks have a naturally high point, which, paired with my grip, works wonderfully, however I've never been okay with their lack of manual safety, so I no longer have one.

    Anyway, I've recently discovered a way to alter the point and I thought I'd share this with others whom may've found similar problems...

    A simple tuck of the pinky, under the magbutt prevents the low point by raising the center of your grip through a widening of it. It's done wonders for my accuracy and aim.

    Before I was gripping too tightly and my pinky at the bottom of the grip was pulling everything down. But now that it's no longer part of the grip at all things are more centered and natural. I'm really happy I discovered this. Now I've just gotta get used to doing it!
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    Agreed. I was going to mention that it sounds like you're gripping the pistol too tight and that may be causing your poi to drop. So there you go!