Crazy night at the fire house

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    My son is a fireman in our district. He was on duty last night when their ambulance got dispatched on a "suicidal" case. My son was on the engine crew, so he didn't go. As usual, they heard the ambulance stage short of the location, until the police could go in a secure things. A few minutes later they were sitting there when they heard the police come on the radio, calling the ambulance...."2417, be advised, we have a highly agitated man holding a 357 magnum to another person's head and he's threatening to shoot the person and then himself." The captain jumped up and yelled "17's got a bad one, lets go". So they responded. He said they staged with the ambulance and watched police cars coming out of the woodwork. Fortunately for everyone involved, the police succeeded in talking the guy down, and no one was hurt. We didn't find out until this morning that this all happened just up the street from us. It's standard procedure on all suicidal cases for all emergency units to respond on the quiet. So we didn't know anything was even going on.

    They had just returned from that call when they were dispatched to Hidden Valley Ski Resort, a couple of miles up the highway. It was dispatched as a rescue, so the ambulance and the engine responded. A guy was skiing the expert slope. They said the slopes were treacherous because we had a round of freezing rain earlier in the day and everything was iced up. Witnesses guessed this guy was going about 60mph down the slope when he lost it. My son said when they arrived, the guy had multiple compound fractures in both arms. Both arms had bones sticking out. He said bones were actually sticking out through the guy's snow parka, which gives you an idea of the force of the impact.

    Those were the first of 8 calls they went on last night. Was it a full moon or something?
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    That hurts just thinking about it.