Craziest shot?

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    On a hunting trip last year, me and my dad were hunting on his uncle's property and we saw two turkeys and decided to shoot them. We walked around them and came back up towards them, and i saw them about 75 feet away (not real far), walking towards each other. I shouldered my .308 bolt action, (i wasnt expecting to shoot some turkey) and as soon as i had sight picture, the turkeys necks were about to cross. I pulled the trigger, BOOM, and when I walked over to where they were, bolth turkeys were on their backs. They flapped their wings a couple times, then expired. The first turkey had been shot in the neck, and the second had been shot in the upper chest. I had quite literally killed two birds with one stone. This was almost completely luck and timing, and i consider it the craziest shot i had ever done. Anyone else have stories of crazy shots?
    (sorry for spelling and grammar problems, i typed this through itouch)
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    40 mm grenade launcher, 300 meter target. For those not familar with it, it fires a large, very low velocity round (you can see it in flight) with a trajectory like a rainbow. Had just DOOOOPED! a round, and as it was at about the peak, it encountered the unluckiest pigeon in South Carolina.


    Edit- yes, 40mm HE. Gold ogive round (old style)
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    Dove hunting I shot a dove flying at me and it folded up its wings and I opened my pouch and the dove fell right into it
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    Nothing too cool but cool to me. About a month ago me and a buddy went to a range a little further away from our normal spot and ran into one of the coolest guys I've ever ran into. The guy had a couple of M1 Garands, a mint original 9mm Luger and an original Thompson machine gun. The dude had some money. Had about 50 different sizes of jugs he had filled with acetelyn and was shooting TVs etc etc...(got to shoot a 50 round drum full auto out of the Thompson btw-and was sweet as hell) anyway, he brought us over a couple of milk jugs and a 1 liter bottle for us to shoot at. My buddy put all of them at the 100 yd range all the way to the back and said, "see if you can hit that liter bottle and ill buy you lunch. I pulled out my Sig 1911 and no joke hit the damn thing first shot 100 yds away. My friends face was almost just as priceless as mine watching the liter bottle explode into tiny pieces. Pretty good shot IMO. Couldn't hit that damn milk jug to save my life though that day but it was a good day. Then the jerk didn't buy me lunch. Typical!
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    Was it a dummy round or a live explosive round? :D
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    Sweet shots everyone.

    I haven't made any crazy shots yet, but you never know when you will actually pull one off. :D
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    I didnt make the shot i caught the shot 40 cal hydro shok point blank to the tummy luckiest dam shot i ever was involved in im still alive
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    The man upstairs was looking out for you, just wasn't your time.

    15 yards, strike anywhere match with a .22 short in my grandfather's Winchester model 67. Got it on the third atempt (low the first time, clean miss on the second). He was right, if you just scrape the tip of the match, they will light!

    Some pretty cool shots guys! C3, thanks for making me spray diet root beer all over the screen of my computer!
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    ROLMAO, That too cool.
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    My father in law talks about someone challenging him to hit a beer can sitting on a log, he estimated about 200 yards away with his 38 spl. He drew his gun pointed it in that direction and knocked it over. Everybody was dumbfounded that he just did that... including him, but he never admitted it to the group. Refused all requests to duplicate the effort :)
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    I was shooting with a couple of guys when one of them asked be if I wanted to shoot his old .22LR revolver. I said, "Sure, watch this." I pointed at a palm-sized rock about 50 yards away. I did a quick draw maneuver and shot at the rock, hitting it. This was the last thing I expected to happen because it was my intention just to clown around a little and have some fun. It was sheer luck that I hit the rock because I am just not that good at shooting a handgun and my friend's .22 LR pistol was not a very good one. The guys with me were quite surprised and impressed. Later they were telling others what a good shot I am and I let them keep thinking that.
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    About a year ago, my buddy and I bought new hunting rifles. He had never really shot a hunting rifle. So I mounted his scope, and lazer sighted his rifle. He shot probably about 10 rounds, and we couldnt even see where they were hitting, but we knew for sure that they werent on paper. I could see he was getting frustrated. I asked if I could give it a try. First shot I nailed the Bull at 100 yards. I handed it back to him and said "well.......its not the rifle"
    He still tells people about this all the time.