Crapskis, I suck.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by boatme98, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. boatme98

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    I finally got to a range yesterday. I havnt fired a handgun for about 20 months due to health and a fourple bypass.
    Now I probably over did it. I took a Sig P239, ruger sr9c, Cz 52, colt 380 gov't, ruger std. 22, s&w highway patrolman, ruger security_six, and a friend's Rossi 38 , and new ruger lrc 22.
    I fired all of them. All at 25 ft.
    It was great to shoot again, but right from the start I knew it would be bad.
    My hands shook and I had to use a mag loader to load more than a few rounds.
    With all pistols without a colored front sight, I was all over the target, although maintaining decent com.
    M y best groups were with the Sig (my edc), the s&w highway patrolman (first time I've ever fired it), and surprisingly, the cz 52.
    By best, I mean about 4". With concentration.
    I clearly need more range time.
    Well, I have plenty of ammo and the range fee is only $5 for the day. If I can overcome the handshakes and get new glasses, I should get those groups down to 2". :)
  2. DFlynt

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    Give it time Boat, 20 months is a long time not shooting, things will improve as you get in more range time.

    I fear what I am going to be like after not shooting for 7 years. :eek::(

  3. TekGreg

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  4. boatme98

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    Tek, the Sig has tritium, the highway patrolman just has a bigass front sight :D, and the cz is a long slide. I should do a lot better with practice and some new specs.
    I used to be pretty darned good with all of own pistols, but then I got in a lot of trigger time off my front porch.
    Moving to town has its disadvantages.
    Can't wait to see how badly I do with the rifles. :eek:
  5. danf_fl

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    Dry fire time.

    Concentrate of the basics of shooting.

    Avoid stimulants next time you go. (And avoid the blue pill the night before)
  6. jackrich3

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    ........and find a Ruger Old Model Blackhawk.
  7. NC1760

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    Geez Boat...

    20 months away..?? Fourple bypass ??... 4" groupings at 25 ft sounds GREAT to me considering the circumstances. You just need to get your gloove back that's all... and that comes with time and getting physically back to square one (or as close to sq 1 as age will let you) ;)

    10 years ago... One week after my last chemo round... I got this notion in my head to go to the ice rink for a stick & puck pick up game. As I was heading out the door with my bag of gear my wife said "You think this is a good idea??" ...I answered back "No... but I feel the desire.. and want to do so."
    I took my time... The others took it easy on me (was wearing the blue "no contact" jersey)... spent a lot of time short shifting and hydrating... but I played through 3 full periods. I had sooooo missed it. Can't even remember the final score... just remember having fun again!!

    Now I wake up every morning... and as long as I don't have dirt on top of me I say "Gonna be a good day today!!"... I get the impression you feel like that now also. As Teddy would say "BULLY for you my good fellow!!"
    P.S. I don't think any threat you have to pull your piece and fire on is gonna look down at the center mass and then say "Four inches apart ?!?! Really... what the hell man ?!?!?"
  8. Rick1967

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    Some of my S&W revolvers came with a white rear sight and orange front sight. I like it enough that I used the wife's fingernail polish to duplicate it on some of my other guns. It works great. And nail polish is a lot cheaper than sights. You can also experiment with different colors to see which works best for you.