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  1. RyanT

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    So I'm pretty new to the shhoting thing, and CCW especialy, so pardon me if this is a stupid question.

    how does one conceal a hip holster (inside or out) when dropping trou in a public restroom?
  2. Hot Sauce NARC

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    well what works for me is just unzip, dont undo your belt or unbutton your pants, and then (sory if this is a lil graphic) pull your weiner through the hole in your underwear and let er rip. Its a trick old cops taught me so they didnt have to undo their duty belt.

    your on your own for #2:D

  3. iloveguns

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    Now that was funny:D
  4. spittinfire

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    When I have to drop tou, I usually pull the holster and all off and hold it until I seat my throne. Then I stick it in one of my pant legs until I'm done warming the seat. By doing this I can maintain access, keep it hidden and maintain control of it. Someone else might have a better idea but this has worked for me.
  5. gorknoids

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    With the IWB holster, I pull it out and put it on any elevated, flat surface. The gun, that is. With the hip holsters, it depends on how low the door/panels are in the stall, but you can generally loosen your belt, pull the rig out and put it down into the cuff of your pants. Muzzle etiquette is very important. No sweeps. And never, ever point a firearm into the toilet when you're marveling at your latest creation. "Shooting the sh*t" is a phrase strictly coined to describe causal conversation.
  6. oldandslow

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    ryan, 6/2/09

    Ah-the old tactical defecation question- this comes up infrequently on the forums but is an important part of carrying concealed.

    First I try to use the stall next to the wall so that there is no one on my right side as I drop trousers (I carry IWB right side). I drop the trousers just to about knee level and spread my knees apart to keep tension on the pants so they don't drop any further down. This keeps the pants up at knee level and the pistol still in the IWB holster and ready to access if needed. When done with my business I simply stand up and pull the pants up. It is generally regarded as bad form to hang your pistol on the various hooks in the stalls, or to leave it on the back of the toilet (every now and then you will read about someone leaving their pistol in the stall or having a negligent discharge).

    Generally you don't have to be too concerned about someone looking under your stall partition unless you are in San Francisco or in a stall next to a Senator from Idaho. Good luck.

    best wishes- oldandslow
  7. Jo da Plumbr

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    :D:D You very funny :D:D
  8. canebrake

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    Close the door. [​IMG]
  9. CodyWalkerJr

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    I unholster and place the weapon on top of the commode....Make sure you do it before you unzip the pants though, as you may drop the firearm