Crapping my pants and $hiting bricks right now!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by 94browninghunt, May 30, 2012.

  1. 94browninghunt

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    Alright heres the deal, my gf and I went out shopping, a guy comes up and cops a field my gf pushs him and swears and im walking to her form the other end of the store, the other kid says "wtf Blt$tch C&nt" to my gf, i get pissed and punch him in the gut. The store manager saw all this, called cops, the female cop took our phone numbers, and addresses, and checked our licenses, and called the other kids parents but not mine. I thought that was weird. My parents do not know yet.

    So the questions:
    >is that is or is there gonna be more...?
    >should i tell my parents, i dont want to because i know it'll upset them.
    >I thought it was weird i didn't get in trouble with the cops... i am 18 so is it going to be on record or anything?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. sputnik1988

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    I wouldn't worry too much, I doubt that you will hear anything else, it's possible but I wouldn't worry, not like its gonna do any good anyway.

  3. Retaks

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    You may or may not hear anything else. If the guy wasnt to be an ass he could press charges for simple assault at worst BUT then your gf would need to press charges for sexual harassment. At that point the other guy is screwed and it also will show you as only defending her which is why there was only 1 hit in the stomach. You did not attempt to do any major bodily harm just enough to get him away. Odds are if he pressed charges your simple assault then it would get thrown away as defending your gf and he would end up with a sexual harassment charge that would sick with him forever.

    I can almost guarantee this is the way the police explained it to him he is going to let everything go. If he dose press charges i wouldnt worry too much about it and get a lawyer as soon as you find out he dose.
  4. Chainfire

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    If the guy touched her, it would not be sexual harrassment, but sexual battery. A much worse crime. When you hit him, you could be charged with battery.
    The cop probably dropped it if they did not cuff either of you. It probably wasn't worth it to do the paperwork. Had you just called the cops, rather than hit the guy, the cops may well have arrested the other guy.
  5. PanBaccha

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    Oh, Lord! What ever happened to men fighting it out and letting it be, without calling in the gestapos to take this information and that information and mulled over being handcuffed and taken away. That is such bullsh*t. I like the old days when scores were settled among men without killing one another.
  6. CGO

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    Years ago a stupid idiot touched my breast at a party, I put my knee were it counted. When I got done with him he walked funny and his voice was much higher like a girl. I don't put up with that kinda chit and I still don't at my age.
  7. 94browninghunt

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    Wish it was like that...I told my father, he was upset but later said he would've done the same.
  8. jeepejeep

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    We need more women like you! My wife would probably do the same!
    I salute you!
  9. MobileMarine

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    If your in a situation that is out of your hands and you can do nothing about it , then do worry over it . If your in a situation that you CAN do somthing then do it.

    If anything ever does happen , find comfort in knowing you did the right thing . And any DA or judge with common sense would toss it out asap .

    I would have put him in his place and just left . No one can or will detain me or my family unless its a leo or I have committed a crime . IE , store manager or loss prevention , security ect
  10. orangello

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    I support the idea of leaving the scene myself; it isn't a wreck.